October to May 2006-2007

10 February 2007 — GUIDED TOUR
By Peter Snoad

The Cast...

Joe Bell was a celebrity—a popular tour guide at Elmwood Hall, a famous Gilded Age mansion in Rhode Island. But for the last 14 years, Joe has been in jail. The African American guide known for his encyclopedic knowledge and folksy charm was convicted of burning down the historic mansion he once so proudly showed to visitors. Susanna Hatch, a young law student is convinced Joe was framed by the FBI as part of its campaign against black militants in the turbulent civil rights era. Their discussions take Susanna and Joe on a tortuous journey across the rocky terrain of love, loyalty and cultural identity.

Peter Snoad is a recovering actor whose plays have been produced around the country. As a finalist in three national new play competitions, Guided Tour has received staged readings at the Hinton Battle Theatre Lab and Reverie Productions in New York City and Centre Stage—South Carolina in Greenville, SC. The play won the Centre Stage contest and the theatre is considering producing it in June. Another of Peter’s full-length plays, Rosa, received a staged reading here at HRC Showcase Theatre last year prior to its premiere in Boston at the Boston Center for the Arts in a production by Alarm Clock Theatre.

Peter’s recently produced short plays include: My Name is Art (Devanaughn Theatre, Boston, The Vestige Group, Austin, TX, and Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro, CA); Entitled (American Globe Theatre/Turnip Theatre, NYC and Image Theatre, Lowell, MA); and Resistance (Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre). My Name is Art will be staged in New York City next month by Emerging Artists Theatre as part of its spring EATFest.

Peter is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and the Screen Actors Guild. He lives in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

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