October to May 2009-2010

28 Novemer 2009 — BERTIE
By Sidney Norinsky
Directed by Barbara Waldinger

The Cast...

The play is about the furor caused in 1940 by the appointment of philosopher Bertrand Russell to a chair of philosophy at CCNY in Manhattan, a noisy no-holds barred battle waged from radio (no TV yet), pulpits, newspaper front pages, and city and government for some nine months of that signal year of WWII. The play alternates between Russell's private and public lives in the course of that tumultuous year.

Sidney Norinsky admits he's probably the oldest promising young playwright in Ulster County--or maybe in the entire Hudson Valley. After years of meeting deadlines for ad copy, promotional and industrial film scripts, press releases and feature articles (salaried or freelance) in Manhattan, he decided to stop diverting time and talent to mere daily sustenance and write! Two novels (self-published) and a couple of dozen short stories later he turned to his intuitively true medium, theater, and produced his first creditable effort, Triple Play, a bittersweet one-act piece on the theme of love and infidelity (performed by an Equity cast at the Douglas Fairbanks Theater on Theater Row in 1991); composed a grandiose 3-act extravaganza, Comrade, on a little remembered but fateful conflict in London between Mikhail Bakunin, founder of Anarchism, and Karl Marx (never yet performed); Giordano Bruno, a dark two act epic about the 16th century self-styled "natural philosopher" burned at the stake by the Roman Inquisition in 1600 (performed twice in May, 2009 to full house audiences at the Art Society of Kingston NY); Forefathers, a family drama with a unique historic context; and Satiricon, a quintet of short satires and farces on themes of religion, politics, computer dating, and human knowledge (performed in Los Angeles, Buffalo, Kingston, and Massachusetts). Bertie is being presented by Showcase Theatre onthe 28th of November, 2009. Sidney lives with his landscape painter wife, Lynne Friedman, in Rosendale, a little town that time seems periodically to forget; and sails the mighty Hudson when life and theater permit.

This event is made possible (in part) with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered through the Twin Counties Cultural Fund in Columbia County by the Columbia County Council on the Arts.
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